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dyali deodorant is an all-natural deodorant and it really works!

Are you worried about the chemicals, aluminum and parabens in commercial deodorant products?

Perhaps you’re looking for an all natural deodorant? One that actually works?!

If you have been there and done that, how many have you tried? All-natural, toxin-free, paraben-free, aluminum-free and at the end of the day you were left stinking?

The Natural Solution 

 No Aluminum
 No Parabens
 No Chemicals

Neutralizes odor and abosorbs wetness Naturally


“I personally have spent hundreds on all types of natural deodorants trying to find one that will keep me from smelling.  When I came across this formula I knew I wouldn’t use anything else. It is so light and creamy and the biggest benefit…I DON’T STINK!!”

~Diana C. dyali co-owner

Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say about dyali deodorant!

A year ago I decided to stop using conventional antiperspirant/deodorant when my hair analysis showed I had high levels of aluminum in my body Since then, I have tried many brands but none of them would last all day and I hated the feeling when my armpits would feel wet.  Recently I was introduced to Dyali, a natural deodorant. The first day of applying it I was thrilled…not only was it effective all day, I noticed that I didn’t sweat as much and it did not leave marks on my clothes. I have allergies to scents so being unscented was another big plus for me. My skin is very sensitive and I find it non-irritating. I am so happy to have found Dyali!

Michelle M.

Dyali is the bomb! I have been using it since I bought it.  While at the coast, I was stinky even after taking a shower.  I rubbed it on and odor gone!

Michelle A.

I tried many different varieties and they all made my underarms raw and itchy. With dyali, there is no itchiness, no raw skin and no odor at the end of the day.

Sharon D.

Both my wife and I have made the switch to dyali.  The first natural deodorant my wife feels confident to wear all day at work and that keeps the odor away after a full day on the lake for me.

Brian M.

One Sat. morning after mowing the lawn and cleaning the garage, I came in the house and my wife asked if I had put on my dyali. I hadn’t and she could tell.  I wasn’t ready to shower so I just rubbed some on all stinky. Guess what, the stank was gone. My “off the shelf” stick wouldn’t have done that.

Gary C.

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