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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I even need to buy dyali deodorant? Mine works just fine.

That may be true. Most commercial deodorants are very effective. They work primarily by bringing in chemicals to mask body odor. They don’t really prevent it. They typically contain parabens and aluminum which are known to be unhealthy. Plus, they add fragrances which are not healthy.

Why would I use dyali deodorant? So many 'natural' ones don't seem to work.

True statement for many of us.

Body odor occurs as a result of bacterial growth. Too many deodorants work to mask or hide the odor. Or they add an antiperspirant which clogs your pores in the hope that it will prevent bacterial growth. The problem with the commercial deodorants is the chemicals and toxins they use.

Many of the natural deodorants are designed to work in the same way as commercial deodorants. If you’ve tried them, you’re no doubt aware that they don’t always work well. I’ve had people tell me they have to apply it several times a day. Or that they work okay, as long as they’re not very active.

We incorporate ingredients that are known to be anti-bacterial. Therefore it prevents the growth of the bacteria that causes the odor.

What's in dyali deodorant?

Here are the ingredients we use, in alphabetical order. 

  •       Arrowroot Starch – The primary purpose of the starch is to absorb moisture. Some products use corn starch, but this can be problematic for those with corn allergies.
  •       Baking Soda – As when used in your refrigerator, baking soda’s role is to absorb any odors.
  •       Coconut Oil – Since the primary cause of the body odor we wish to prevent is from bacteria on the skin, we use coconut oil’s natural antimicrobial properties to prevent the odors from forming in the first place.
  •       Shea Butter – Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is used primarily for its moisturizing properties in shampoos, lotions and soaps. It is also edible.
  •       Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is an essential oil that has antimicrobial properties. It’s added to the deodorant as an additional prevention against bacteria. (By the way, tea tree oil once worked incredibly well for me for a skin infection. Ask me that story sometime.)
  •       Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E is added to help prevent rancidity.
My dyali deodorant sat in the heat and it has melted. What do I do?

Don’t panic. Take a spoon and stir it up well. Then refrigerate for a couple of hours until it resolidifies. After that, it shouldn’t need refrigeration. But do try to keep it indoors and out of the heat.

Will dyali deodorant stain my clothes?

It shouldn’t. Remember you should only use a little bit – about 1/8 teaspoon per pit. If it doesn’t all rub in and disappear, wipe off excess and try using less the next time.

Why does dyali deodorant melt and then I have to stir it? My store-bought products don't do that?

With mass production comes the appeal to make a product more ‘perfect.’ If perfect is defined as super-incredibly easy to use. But that comes at a price. Fillers and inferior ingredients are added to keep the other ingredients well mixed. They also add chemicals that keep the color consistent, make it smell a certain way (even if that smell is neutral), and also to prolong shelf-life. At this point, they have introduced quite a few chemicals to the product. It allows for mass-production and longer shelf-life. Sure, it may be a little easier to use, lasts a bit longer, and perhaps even costs less. But at what cost to your health? You’re sacrificing overall quality and introducing toxins.

Why does dyali deodorant have no scent or fragrance? Several reasons:
  1. Unlike so many deodorants, it isn’t really necessary. Many times deodorants and other products have a fragrance to either mask some chemical smell in the deodorant itself or to mask the body odor that the deodorant doesn’t really stop. dyali deodorant uses no harsh chemicals and it works on the cause of body odor, rather than masking it.
  2. Because dyali deodorant has no fragrance, it won’t conflict or compete with any perfume or fragrance or essential oil you might choose to wear.
How can I place a wholesale order?

If you own a brick and mortar store and would like to sell our stuff, please contact us. 

What is your return policy?

We will gladly refund you for one opened jar from your first purchase within 30 days minus return shipping fees.

Are dyali and Mariposa deodorant the same formula?

dyali deodorant was formerly Mariposa. It is the same great product with a brand new look!

Please contact us for stores in your area that carry dyali deodorant or place your order online

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